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Kombucha Questions

Listed below are some of the most common booch related questions that breeze across my path!

If you have any other questions (Kombucha related) that keep you awake at night feel free to send us a message over at the contact page!

Tell me about KOMBUCHA!

What is KOMBUCHA? 

*This bubbly, refreshing, magical drink is a fermented sweet tea that has been around for thousands of years, first created in ancient Chinese culture. Through fermentation, it becomes a healthy, probiotic-rich beverage with endless health and wellness benefits.

*It’s fermented with a SCOBY which stands for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”, during which the sugar is mostly eaten and good bacteria grows.

*Known to ancient Chinese culture as the "immortal health elixir” and flavored ONLY with fruit and herbs. Tried the store-bought stuff and didn’t like it? Cali Kombucha MN makes it taste GREAT! It’s similar in taste to a flavored pop, only without all the unhealthy junk. 

*Cali Kombucha nutritional facts: serving size 1 pint; 124.4 calories; 15g sugar.


What are the health benefits?

*Kombucha is FULL of probiotics for your gut, glucosamines to reduce joint pain, antioxidants to keep us healthy, and good enzymes to help build muscle, destroy toxins, and promote gut health and regulation. It’s loaded with vitamins B12, B6, B1, and vitamin C and D.

*It assists in regulating digestion and your body's pH, promotes joint care, and is believed to help fight against cancer-causing agents. It also aids in insulin regulation and is known to cleanse and detox the body and increase metabolism.

*The delicious elixir promotes energy, mental clarity, and focus. It also helps provides support to your body’s immune system, fighting off germs, bad bacteria, and sickness. It all sounds too good to be true? Just look it up online! And while you’re at it, check out my reviews on Google. ☺ 


How should I drink it?

This is a personal experience for everyone; Some people stick with 2-4 oz per day whereas others drink a full bottle or three per day. Just listen to your body! 

You can also top off your beer to give it a cider-feel, or mix it with your favorite liquor to make a healthier cocktail… click Cocktail Recipes above for some tasty tips! 

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