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Autumn Forest


I'm so excited to announce that the shop has MOVED!! We are now located inside of The (big, red) Red Barn on Hwy 34 (east side of town), so bring your bottles and enjoy some samples! See address under Contact.

See the bottom of this page for our address and "Where to Purchase" Cali Kombucha MN near you.

Stay tuned for upcoming changes and other solutions to serving our favorite part of this business... you!

**Please fill out the contact form here to ask me about what comes next... Thank you for your support and understanding during this transition.

Handcrafted, raw,  unfiltered, delicious, FRESH kombucha. 

cali kombucha

It’s all about that gut...

Kombucha is a probiotic drink that promotes healthy digestion, helps to regulate our body, and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and good enzymes that help to promote digestion and fight off bad bacteria in our bodies. A healthy gut keeps our whole body healthy! Check out our Google reviews to see what other people have to say about it.

Scroll further down to read more about it, or visit our "About" section. Feel free to reach out to the owner with questions!


Find that booch:

Where to buy Cali Kombucha:

Park Rapids, MN

-Dorset Corner Liquor: 12 oz cans

--71 Bottles of Beer and Liquor: 12 oz cans

Rapids Spirits Liquor Store (Muni): 12 oz cans

--Cafe 13 at Summerhill Adventures: On tap (SEASONAL/SUMMER)

Nevis, MN

Tippy Canoe: 12 oz cans

Walker, MN

-Green Scene Organic Market (SEASONAL): 12 oz cans

-Walker Bay Coffee Company: 12 oz cans

Wadena, MN

-Little Round Still: Bottle service for mixed drinks (PREVIOUSLY); ask them for more if you want to see it back!

Bemidji, MN

-Harmony Natural Foods Co-op: 12 oz cans (PREVIOUSLY); ask them for more if you want to see it back!

**NEW** Fargo area:

Dilworth, MN

-Roasted Rail Coffee House - on tap

208 15th St NW NE, Dilworth, MN

(Some refill/to-go options are available here)

Detroit Lakes, MN

-Manna Foods Co-op: 12 oz cans

Bucks Mill Brewing: On tap (refill/to-go options are available)

Nisswa, MN

Roundhouse Brewery: On tap

(Some refill/to-go options may be available)

Grand Rapids, MN

Rapids Brewing Company: On tap

(Some refill/to-go options may be available here)

Local farmer's markets (*SUMMER* 2023!!):

-Park Rapids Farmer's Market; Saturdays 9am-1pm

Starting May through the end of September

-Walker Farmer's Market; Thursdays  9am-2pm

Starting June through the end of September

-Red River Farmer's Market; Broadway Square (Downtown Fargo) 

201 Broadway N, Fargo; Saturdays 10am-2pm

ONLY for the month of October

Meet the BOOCH family:

We carry a wide variety of flavors to suit anyone's tastes! Some flavors are seasonal and some are rotated out, so check in often to see what new flavor adventures await! 

Here are a few flavors that are local favorites:

Blueberry Mint

Go Go Green

Just Ginger

Honey Lavender 

Maple Cinnamon

Cherry Pie

Raspberry Jalapeno

Hey, hey! Know of a brewery, restaurant, coffee house, or bar that would like to carry kombucha on tap? Please share our info or send me a message!


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a functional, fermented, probiotic beverage made with tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) that is typically consumed for the way it makes us feel: healthy and balanced. And at Cali Kombucha MN, we have a ton of fun flavors! In our kitchen, we only flavor our kombucha with real fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs; no fake stuff here!


People like to drink kombucha mostly for the health benefits, and our loyal customers love the taste of ours since it's fresh, made with real ingredients in small batches by hand, and is created right here in Park Rapids, MN. Kombucha naturally has a slightly sour, almost vinegar taste and smell to it, but we take pride in making our delicious, nutritious elixir taste great... come try a sample! Our customers claim it's WAY better than the store-bought stuff!

At the taproom, you can buy new bottles or bring in your clean, used bottles for a refill. We like to recycle and hope you do, too!

Small Strokes

The owner, Bonnie Jo, is REALLY excited about her daily cup of Booch... 

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